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Flight: Innocon, Avartek join forces in Finnish UAV contest

MicroFalcon, Innocon's lightest UAV, provides high quality intelligence and surveillance information required for both the civil and HLS markets, as well as for military over the hill missions.
Innocon's Tactical UAV family. Featuring an innovative aerodynamic structure, the MiniFalcon has a superior weight to payload ratio that enables large platform performance in a small size air frame.
Innocon TUAV is implemented with Automatic Takeoff and Landing for both runway and harsh terrain, using skids for platform survivability on unprepared area or wheels for runway landing.
The Spider system is a small UAS for “over the hill” surveillance; it is constructed of a very robust airframe, capable of landing on very rough terrain in extreme weather conditions and performing repetitive flights with a high survivability rate. Unlike most micro UAVs on the market, the Spider carries the camera on its belly, enabling a full and intuitive view of the bottom hemisphere.
Innocon’s MALE UAV based on a manned platform
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