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2002 Innocon provided avionics set , integration, and have succefully flight tested the tilt rotor experimental UAV made by 'Freewing'
2003 Innocon developed , integrated and supplied manned operated surveillance airplanes (ASIS) to Uganda MOD
2004 Innocon developed and flown its first system the Minifalcon I UAV
2005-2007 Innocon developed and successfully supplied the complete Minifalcon II UAV system to 'BAE Systems'
2008-2009 Innocon developed ,integrated and supplied Minifalcon 1E (Hermes 90) to 'Elbit system'
2010-2011 Innocon developed, integrated all electronic systems including ATOL for the Tiger shark II UAV made by 'G-FORCE' which was supplied to the Royal Thai air force (RTAF)
2011 Innocon developed and supplied the complete MicroFalcon mini UAV system to 'ABK' Russia
2012 Innocon developed and Provided the complete MicroFalcon LE system to Peruvian MOD
2012 Innocon developed the Spider UAV system and competed in the Indian air force tender and have successfully past all flight test in high altitude of Himalaya mountains in north India
2013- 2014 Innocon developed integrated all electronics systems for the Gstar 150S UAV made by 'G-FORCE' which was supplied to the Royal Thai air force (RTAF)
2015 Innocon leased Spider Micro UAV system to 'PZL' ('Airbus' subsidiary in Poland)
2016 In cooperation with 'PZL'('Airbus' subsidiary in Poland) Innocon won the Polish air academy tender for supplying and training Microfalcon system's to the academy
2016 Innocon developed and succefully provided a dual avionics system for a hybrid UAV made by IAI (Israel aerospace industry)
2017 Innocon successfully supplied Micrfalcon training system to 'PZL'' ('Airbus' subsidiary in Poland)
2017 In cooperation with 'PZL' Innocon successfully provided several Microfalcon systems and training program to the Polish Academy of the air force in Deblin
2017 Innocon signed a contract to provide several Microfalcon system's to a disclose user in Europe
2017 Innocon signed a contract to provide a Minfalcon II (Gstar) and training to a Thai MOD institution

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