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The ASIS is a system that enbles you to have UAV capbilities in a manned aircraft
ASIS (Enlarge)


The ASIS - Airborne Surveilance and Intelligence System -  is a combination between the advantages of an unmanned system to manned air vehicle capabilities.

The ASIS consists of a light airplane which carries an EO/IR payload and Innocon's unique  ground control station.

Mission Capabilities
• Real-time surveillance
• Search and location of enemy forces

• Track of enemy movement
• Battlefield situation awareness

• Territory and installation security
• Wild life monitoring
• Forest fire detection

• Guidance of attack forces and battle field control.
• Involving the high command in tactical decisions.
• Targeting and coordinating attack on enemy force.

• Search and rescue

• Search for troops
• Coordinate rescue missions.

Advantage Over UAV Systems 
• Rapid deployment, airborne observer can start performing a mission while GCS is deploying towards battle zone.
• Extremely low cost relative to UAV systems.
• Operate at low altitude under clouds if necessay and then climb back in order to transmit data to GCS.
• Wide angle view of the battle field by the airborne operator and pilot.

Airborne System Features
• Electro-optical payload, composed of two sensors (TV and FLIR) gimbaled and stabilized
  for day/night observation.
• Video and Data monitors for the airborne operator and pilot
• Mission Avionics for navigation and payload command & control.
• Data-link system for transmitting Video, Telemetry and Voice to the ground, and
  receiving commands and voice from the ground station to pilot, payload and avionics.

Ground Control System Features
• Mission Control Station, with option to be mounted in one of the following:
  • S-280 shelter.
  • Inside of a light truck.
  • Base station.
  • Portable Receiving Stations.
• The main function of the MCS:
  • Payload control .
  • Mission Control.
  • Display and record video images.
  • Intelligence exploitation.

The Aircraft - P92-Echo super specification


Power max: 100 Hp (73.5 kW) @ 5800 rpm
Propeller: Hoffmann H017GHM-174 177C
Fuel: Euro Super or Unleaded
Tanks: 100L
Weight: Max T.O. 550 Kg ( 1212 lb )
Basic empty weight: 306 kg ( 705 lb )
Load ultimate factor: +3.8    -3


Max speed s/l: 235 km/h (127 KTS)
Cruising speed 75%: 210km/h (113 KTS)
Rate of climb: 6,0 m/sec (1180 ft/min)
Stalling speed (with flap): 64 Km/h ( 34 KTS )
Service ceiling: 4500 m (14800 ft )
Max range (without reserve) 65%: 800 Km ( 430nm )
Take off to 15m (50 ft): 245 m ( 800 ft )
Take off run: 140 m ( 459 ft )
Landing run: 100 m ( 328 ft )



Wing Span: 8,7 m (28.5 ft)
Length over-all: 6,4 m (21 ft)
Height over-all: 2.5 m (8.2 ft)
Width cabin: 1.14 m (44.8 inc)
Wing area: 13,2 mq (129 sq.ft.)
Wing Dihedral: 1,5°
Tail plane span: 2,9 m (9.5 ft)
Wheel track: 1,8 m (5.9 ft)
Wheel tires: 5,00-5

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