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Naviator™ GCS

Naviator™ GCS (Enlarge)


The NAVIATOR GCS is a highly modular air vehicle command and control station. featuring a PC based highly modern graphic user inerface,

for vehicle operators, payload operators and mission commander, and a special dual channel real time controller for real time logic.
The GCS is costum tailored to the costumer specific requirements, from a small highly portable GCS to a sheltered GCS, Innocon has the solution.
The Naviator GCS is STANAG 4586 Level 5 compliant.


• UAV’s for real-time surveillance, reconnaissance, target drones & smart weapons.
• Unmanned ground, sea and underwater vehicles.
• Airborne surveillance system management and control


NAVIATOR GCS Functionality

• Real time controller for data link and GCS management.
• UAV flight control and management.
• Pilot/Machine interface.


• Payload control and observation.
• Mission planning on a digital map.
• Special menus for UAV calibration and autopilot tuning.
• Video & Telemen


try synchronized flight recording and playback.
• Data link and directional antenna tracking management.
• Power supply for multiple sources and consumers


Special Features

• Simulataneous multi air vehicle monitor and control capabilities.
• Modular interface design.
• Fully adaptable to any air, ground or sea vehicle system.
• Low cost.
• High MTBF. 

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