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Micro Falcon

Lightweight UAV for over the hill ISR missions
Micro Falcon (Enlarge)


Micro Falcon, Innocon's lightest UAV, provides high quality intelligence and surveillance information required for the military, civil and HLS markets.

Innovative structure of flying wing configuration constructed and belly mounted payload contributes to the MicroFalcon's high survivability and fast redeployment time cycle. One operator provides easy implementation for mission achievement.



  • Target acquisition and identification
  • Ground forces direction and support
  • Area scanning and monitoring
  • Installations monitoring for maintenance and security
  • Forest fire detection
  • Pipeline inspection and monitoring
  • Traffic control
  • Drug trafficking control
  • Safe city & Law enforcement applications


  • Fully autonomous
  • Single operator design
  • High precision automatic landings on harsh train
  • Backup landing directions in case of GPS lose
  • Very small landing area
  • Belly mounted payload
  • Minimal logistic footprint



Endurance <3hr , option for >3hr
Wingspan  2m
Weight <5kg
Ceiling 15,000ft
Payload Day & Night/ NextVision Orion, Night Hawk 2, Colibri payloads family 




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