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Spider (Enlarge)


The Spider system is a revolutionary SUAS for short range
reconnaissance and surveillance missions.
The complete system is carried to the field, deployed and operated
by a single operator.
Silent electric motor enables the spider to fly very close to target while
remaining undetected.
Together with the various payload options the spider can distinguish small detail such as a car license plate number.
The spider features a virtually indestructible airframe capable of repeatedly landing on very rough terrain in extreme weather conditions, performing repetitive flights with a high survivability rate.
The MicroTerra GCS operating system features profound mission planning,
execution and interrogation tools including an automatic video tracker,  3D map viewer, automatic line of sight calculator and more.


Technical Specifications:


Wing span                       1.75 m
UAV takeoff weight          3.5 Kg
Endurance                       > 2 hours @ sea level
Speed                              30kt - 50kt
Max altitude                     15000 ft AMSL
Range                              >10km

Launch                             Hand / bungee
Recovery                          Parachute landing on any surface
                                         Touchdown accuracy 20m CEP

Operators                         Single operator
System total weight          <20Kg (two UAV configuration, including GCS and batteries)   
                                         <15Kg (single UAV configuration, including GCS and batteries)

Payload options:                                                  
 *  microcam DU               Gimbaled stabilized EO/IR/LI
 *  Hawkeye                      Gimbaled stabilized EO with 0.8° narrow FOV
 *  Orion                            Gimbaled stabilized EO/IR/LI with 1.3° narrow FOV in EO
Wind                                 25kt
Temperature                    -20..60C
Rain                                 <25mm/hr
Noise signature               Undetectable from 100m distance

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