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µNav™ (Enlarge)


The micro Naviator is an advanced, highly sophisticated
flight control computer, designed for the micro, mini and tactical UAV systems.
Based on years of experience in the UAV field and innovative operation
concepts, the microNaviator is a true autonomous system, able to perform

a full mission without human intervention, and taking all flight related work load

off the operators, enabling them to concentrate on the mission.




- up to 20 PWM servos
- update rate 50Hz
- RS232/485 servo control
- CAN servo control
- supports all types of servo configuration (V tail, wing camber change, CCPM, multi rotor ESC control

- barometric altimeter MPXAZ6115 12bit sample 500Hz
- barometric altimeter derivative (barometric rate of climb) 12bit sample 500Hz
- barometric speed sensor MPXV5004 12bit sample 500Hz
- on board automatic heating mechanism for both barometric sensor, to maintain a constant temperature of 35C
- thermocouple amplifier - to sense battery temperature, motor temperature, etc.

- horizontal position accuracy                          2.5m RMS
- horizontal position accuracy (w/SBAS)         2.0m RMS
- vertical position accuracy                              5.0m RMS
- vertical position accuracy (w/Barometer)      2.5m RMS
- velocity accuracy                                           +/- 0.05 m/s
- dynamic accuracy (Heading,True inertial)     0.3 ° RMS
- dynamic accuracy (Pitch,Roll)                       0.1 ° RMS

- static accuracy (Heading,Magnetic)              2.0 ° RMS
- static accuracy (Pitch,Roll)                            0.5 ° RMS
- angular resolution                                         < 0.05 °
- repeatability                                                  < 0.1 °
- max output rate (IMU data) ²                        1 kHz
- max output rate (Navigation data)                400 Hz

- 8 analog inputs 12bit       

     2 x 0-36V
     6 x 0-6V
- 9 digital outputs    

     7 x open collector
     1 x Vin output for pitot heater
     1 x Vin output for navigation lights
- 2 PWM inputs
- 7 RS232 full duplex serial channels (can be converted to RS422 with external converter)
- CAN bus
- 5V output 1.5A limited

- Program - 512KByte
- RAM - 32KByte internal + 1MByte external
- FLASH - 32KByte
- EEPROM - 512KBit

Other features
- on board bluetooth device BTM410, for wireless communication with service computer/GCS on the ground
- power   9-36V
- physical   weight 70g
  size 70mm X 100mm X 15mm
- environment temperature -40..85C

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